A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Rising Front is a massive WW1 shooter centered around trench warfare! It features a perfect blend of FPS, RTS and battle simulator! The goal for this game is to accurately simulate WW1 battles with hundreds or even thousands of units on the battlefield.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(79 total ratings)
GenreShooter, Action, Simulation, Strategy
TagsFirst-Person, FPS, Real time strategy, Singleplayer


Rising Front Prototype #6.zip 653 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and run the .exe file


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al menos la demo sigue disponible.

This game is on steam if you want a better version with more feature even youtubers like Plastic scot have played it  Rising Front on Steam (steampowered.com)


my game lags like crazy lol i got new grapchic card lol


Get steam version


A virus-free game? Can I download it?


Yes its virus free. But i would recommend geting steam verison

i wish you could update it


thx for keeping this up even after the full release


I am an uninspired programmer looking for something to be a part of

I like this game, I like it's substance, it's core and its theme. I would have a lot of fun collaborating with you on expanding it significantly.

I hope this reaches you, I'd really like to work on this project.  Getting a dev job is hard especially for someone without a degree like me.


does not work on mac


I am a steam user,I think the pricing is too expensive, I hope you can discount it to $3.99. I really want to buy it on steam.Because it is very fun,Thank you.


Please Jack2000 

do it we need it


The full game of this is on steam now and it is like $25 and is hosting $2000 modding competion rn


if only they put the game on sale.


Wow, what an intense experience you've created here. The moment heavy artillery fire set in I inevitably flinched and looked for cover. The nightmare that is trench warfare can never be replicated in a game, but this experience sure comes close in ludic terms I think. I'm very interested in how this develops.


This game have pottential... Good Lucky here from argentina


well this game prettty GOOOD


bro i cant download it


update the prototype version pls 


The full version has been out on steam for like a year or sumin now 


how much?


too much for this game at the moment 


this game overall pretty decent


i cant play cause i got chrome os not windows

then you wouldn't be able to chrome books suck as


No mobile?


hell nah

The is no GUI how am I Supposed to play?


its now on steam... for A$21.95 (early access), but press esc when you spawn, and click deploy


yo Jack2000... I know you're working really hard... believe me a fellow dev knows but. When you say it supports mac, its gotta support mac. The .exe files are for Microsoft. I checked the file info and none of the stuff are for mac. (the stuff that's supposed to run the app). It's an easy fix. You just gotta switch the unity build to mac and add that to your itch page as well. One download doesn't work for both you need two different builds. Hope this helps! And keep going your incredible!

Sorry, I think I figured it out. My computer is two versions ahead of this file type. But the files do say they are windows, so maybe check to see if I'm wrong.

Show post...

such an awesome game. I'm definetly gona get it on steam to support the dev and get the full version. I hope that the performance issues are not so frequent on the steam version tough cuz I had constantly just 20fps or so

lol suspended

Why though


best game I ever played 


real good game please update the itch io version to

download steam version gets updated every month


I KNOW other game it's called pixey adventure it's free game


Thats odd it seems like this a shameless plug for a dog shit made in 2 hours game that has nothing to do with this game.



can you make 32 bits version?

i cant uninstalit


Very intresting it reminds me of a dedicated ww1 ravenfield think it would be fun to throw some voices in there like if you heal someone have them say thanks doc or something similar 

playing it PC fun game 


guys if u wanna play on mac then stop using a mac, get pc


1 iq play right there

Not evryone has money to buy a new computer

yeah and pcs are cheaper than mac

how to download this on mac



Wont work

I used the itch app to download, I am using a m1 MacBook Air so it should work for you

Are you downloading it from the browser or from the itch.io app? Also, what is the Mac error prompt?

This is a really fun game! It reminds me of Enlisted except with slightly worse graphics and the fact that I can actually get kills! I feel like there should be a tutorial for the controls and the gameplay first because it did take me a while to figure things out, but other than that (and probably some other bug fixes for example the screen stays zoomed in sometimes even after the aiming button is let go, and when you aim again, it zooms out?) I love it!

i cant find the exe file

how do i reduce the amount of npcs

cant wait for next update or full release!!!!

its releasing jan 14th on steam

why list it as a macos title? that's small pp vibes

How do you take control of the maxim gun? 

i don't know if you can.


omg ravenfield 2 


how do you download on Mac? it says it can't run it on macOS because windows applications are not supported on MacOs whenever I try to open the .exe file

pls make it so u can change ur keybinds because im on mac and i cant aim or just make a button to aim

A really cool and fun game!

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