A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Rising Front is a massive WW1 shooter centered around trench warfare! It features a perfect blend of FPS, RTS and battle simulator! The goal for this game is to accurately simulate WW1 battles with hundreds or even thousands of units on the battlefield.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(65 total ratings)
GenreShooter, Action, Simulation, Strategy
TagsFirst-Person, FPS, Real time strategy, Singleplayer


Rising Front Prototype #6.zip 653 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and run the .exe file


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can you make 32 bits version?

i cant uninstalit

Very intresting it reminds me of a dedicated ww1 ravenfield think it would be fun to throw some voices in there like if you heal someone have them say thanks doc or something similar 

playing it PC fun game 

guys if u wanna play on mac then stop using a mac, get pc

how to download this on mac

This is a really fun game! It reminds me of Enlisted except with slightly worse graphics and the fact that I can actually get kills! I feel like there should be a tutorial for the controls and the gameplay first because it did take me a while to figure things out, but other than that (and probably some other bug fixes for example the screen stays zoomed in sometimes even after the aiming button is let go, and when you aim again, it zooms out?) I love it!

i cant find the exe file

how do i reduce the amount of npcs

cant wait for next update or full release!!!!

its releasing jan 14th on steam

why list it as a macos title? that's small pp vibes

How do you take control of the maxim gun? 


omg ravenfield 2 


how do you download on Mac? it says it can't run it on macOS because windows applications are not supported on MacOs whenever I try to open the .exe file

pls make it so u can change ur keybinds because im on mac and i cant aim or just make a button to aim

A really cool and fun game!

Awesome, man!

is there a estimate to when the game will be done

on steam it says roughly a year

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In EA on Steam this month 

plz do a Ubuntu port 


Cool, epic even

This is very good, cant wait for the full release !


I really want tanks and planes, but if you add in tanks, make there be more than one type of tank, dont only slap a mark 4 on there, put the renault ft 17, for the french, and maybe even the A7V for the germans. also another tank that nobody has heard of before, but WAS used in ww1 was the Mark A "Whippet" Medium Tank. maybe you dont have to put all of these, but at least do the classic Mark 4/5 and a Renault ft 17.


you'll have to buy it when it realeses

Schneider CA 1 or St Chamond tank would work for unknown ones, even the Kubelwagen for the german

I agree. Not only do I  think Saint Chamond tanks are very cool, i think he should just add in every tank he can, even prototypes, but i dont expect that will happen.

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by the way this is my other account, i am the same guy who posted this lol

when update

How do i go to the files

umm will I sound ,crazy? but I have looked all over the, file and all I found is unity with a, wrench logo and it doesn't say rising front and also I found the game ,but when I click it, it says I need to get all ,the files and start it with all the files, so I'm just confused.

how do i play it?? thers so many files of it and i dont know which one to press please help m

find the file with .exe extension

why is it in slomo for me

did you press t?














balls even


to be specific, testicles

I know that this game is incredibly in development, and as such any suggestions I make are probably already planned so I'll trim it down to two things I would like to see:

Medkits items so that the player can heal themself

Adding in the Machine Gun used by the NPCs, into the player loadout 


Very impressed with this early build, my biggest request would be an indicator on the map which shows the location of the soldier you are currently controlling. Keep up the great work!

how do i ply it when i downloaded it

unzip the file and open the .exe file, the game will ope

i'm so exited for the full release  

guys how when i click on the exe file it doesnt allow me to open cuz my mac says its a microsoft app how do i fix i really wanna play this game

if you have a mac, download the version that was made for mac, it should have a apple symbol next to it

yea but theres only one download button and it has both windows and mac icon on it

played it and oh boy cant wait for full release

epic ye

A cool scene


epic game, i like how the ai works and even though its laggy because im on a bad computer its still fun

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